School Groups

What we offer

The Institute offers to school groups from abroad the opportunity to combine study with pleasure. Our courses can be tailored according to the needs of each group.

The students have comfortable bedrooms. The rooms are cleaned regularly and bed linen is provided. Students should bring their own bath towels. Toilets and showers are to be shared.

The catering is very carefully attended to.


  • One week (6 Nights): £ 350

  • Ten days (9 nights): £ 450

The fees include:

  • Half board (Bed and Breakfast and Evening meal)

  • Tuition: 3 hour lessons from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm, Mondays to Fridays.

Fees are payable in advance if made by bank transfer to the Institute's account. Details will be sent upon registration.

One accompanying teacher is free for each group of ten students.

We cordially request that you contact the Institute before booking your travel.

Staying less than a week?

For groups that stay less than a week the fees are:

  • £ 40 per day per person (including bed and breakfast)

  • £ 45 per day per person (including bed and breakfast and evening meal)


8.30 am Breakfast

9.30 - 12.30 Lessons (break 10.50 - 11.10)

7.45 pm Supper

N.B. The teachers accompanying the group are totally responsible for the students in the residence at any time. They are expected to organise the outings and the student's activities in their free time.

Our Rooms

N.B. Places available = 27

Bedroom No 1.............. 3 beds

2...............5 beds

3.............. 1 bed

4...............6 beds

5...............2 beds

6...............4 beds

7...............1 bed

8...............5 beds

Please, if the group consists of more than 27, contact the Institute.

We strongly advise students to travel with light and manageable suitcases.


1. Students must have respect for the other people residing in the Institute and for the premises in which they live.

2. Students are expected to make their own bed and keep their room as tidy as possible.

3. No responsibility is accepted for money or other valuables which have not been handed in for safe keeping.

4. Students will be liable for any damage to property belonging to the Institute.

5. Students are required to obey the fire and safety rules.

6. Students are expected to be in by 11pm.